full cut proof undersuit

Roadstar completely cut-resistant short track speed skating suit, cut resistance undersuit . Made with durable Dyneema/ UHMWPE fibers, this suit offers total cut-resistant coverage, and can be worn under your skin suit to give you total body protection. In our collection we have cut resistant suit , cut resistant gloves, Cut Resistance skinsuit , cut proof neck guard , ankle guard .

  Specs & Details :
  • It is okay to do the reglan sleeve and set-in sleeve.
  • Made in cut proof material UHMWPE in the all under suit .
  • There are cut level 2 and level 4 material available  .
  • The cut level 2 material is the basic requirement for ISU .
  • The visiable front zipper  .
  • Roadstar provide the sizes from kids 110-160 , Adult size from 2XS-5XL.